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Delivering superior performance

through diverse multi-asset strategies.

Currency Trading

The McBean Group Ltd., uses a proprietary automated trading strategy for trading between 7 to 12 currency pairs. The automated trading strategy is developed to take advantage of the currency market’s purpose as a hedge market against currency risk in the global economy.

Real Estate

Real Estate investments have long been one of the most secure investments. The McBean Group Ltd., real estate investments all secure properties at significantly below market value and are able to develop those properties so as to sell the properties at market value.

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas drives the world’s economy it is the sole product that factors into all marketable commodities.   The McBean Group Ltd., invests in oil and gas operations that are developing those resources with excellent management, forward vision and often proprietary methodologies.

Our objective is to deliver capital growth in excess of industry standards while implementing disciplined risk management.

About Us

 The McBean Group Ltd., (TMGL) manages ten hedge funds developed to provide their investors consistent stable returns. All TMGL funds target a ROI of 12 to 14% annually and since 2009 have achieved better than the targeted ROI.

 TMGL funds are a tight investment strategy of combining a proven track record of currency trading with proven management teams in real estate development and oil and gas operations.

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