The investment strategy is to achieve capital growth through the investment in oil and gas properties, operations and restoration of shut-in non-producing wells globally. Such project will include, but are not limited to the acquisitions of producing oil and gas companies and assets, enhancing those assets, reducing liabilities of the companies by completing restorations of shut-in non-producing assets with the use of proven proprietary technology thus improving the balance sheet and divesting of the assets at a significant profit.

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Fund Name Solic Restoration Fund Ltd
Structure International Business Company
Investment Manager The McBean Group, Ltd.
CUSIP Number
ISIN Number
Administrator Sterling (Bahamas), Ltd.
Auditor Deloitte & Touche
Legal Counsel Miller & Co., Chambers
Shares Offered Class A Non-voting, redeemable shares are offered at the beginning of each month
Lock-up Period There will be no lock-up period
Minimum Subscription $25,000 initial and thereafter in multiples of $10,000
Subscription Policy Monthly
Redemption Policy Quarterly with 35 days notice
Subscription Fee 2%
Management Fee 2%
Performance Fee 20% with high water mark
Distribution Fee 2% of principal investment
Commissions Up to a maximum of 4%

Principal Office of the Fund
Solic Restoration Fund Ltd.
c/o Sterling (Bahamas) Ltd.
Suite 205A, Saffrey Square
Bay Street
Nassau, The Bahamas

Fund Manager and Investment Manager
The McBean Group Ltd.
202 Cranberry Pk. SE
Calgary, Alberta Canada
T3M 1R3

Administrator & Transfer Agent
Sterling (Bahamas) Ltd.
Suite 205A, Saffrey Square
Bay Street
Nassau, The Bahamas

P.O. Box N-7120
Nassau, The Bahamas