The McBean Group Ltd

Currency Trading

The McBean Group Ltd., uses a proprietary automated trading strategy for trading between 6 to 12 currency pairs. The automated trading strategy is developed to take advantage of the currency market’s purpose as a hedge market against currency risk in the global economy.

Real Estate

Real Estate investments have long been one of the most secure investments. The McBean Group Ltd., real estate investments all secure properties at significantly below market value and are able to develop those properties so as to sell the properties at market value.

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas drives the world’s economy it is the sole product that factors into all marketable commodities. The McBean Group Ltd., invests in oil and gas operations that are developing those resources with excellent management, forward vision and often proprietary methodologies.

Core Services

  • Investment Management

     TMGL offers institutional and high net worth investors investment management through a hedge fund model. TMGL funds all employ a tight investment strategy that augments the growth opportunities and reduces risks. TMGL funds have secure hard assets and yet contain the liquidity that is most attractive to investors.

  • Project Financing

     TMGL funds invest in well managed and operating real estate, resource, oil and gas companies that have a proven track record and often proprietary knowledge and opportunities to leverage their market space.

  • Offshore Domiciled Funds

     All TMGL funds are registered professional licensed funds domiciled offshore in the Bahamas. Bahamas offers growth opportunity without taxation. This allows the investors to be able to manage taxation in their home countries by being responsible for their taxation only when they repatriate funds. The Bahamas Securities Commission licenses and regulates all TMGL’s funds.

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